Carers Information Service

We provide information on local organisations, issues and events, and on national carers rights and topics. We also ensure that we have access to all local strategies and plans relating to carers within health and social care in Calderdale.

We can also provide an information service to provide carers with any specialist information that they may require or signposting to an organisation who may be able to help.

Information for carers is available on this website through the ‘Resources and Links’ and ‘Local Organisations’ sections on the right hand side of the page.


Alternatively, you can call us on 01422 369101.


Carers News

We publish a newsletter on a regular basis that brings together local and national information for carers.  It also includes details of our activities and events, as well as some fun items.



We offer a support service for carers needing more detailed information either by appointment at our office or home visit. Please ring 01422 369101 to access this service.


Saturday morning and evening support

If you would like us to call you outside of normal weekday office hours, you can request a call back for a Saturday morning or a weekday evening. Please leave a message on our answerphone to request this, or email us at